Fishing Bait (模板)

Max Sensity ,Environment Friendly  

Tungsten Flipping weights

1. insert-free,lead-free, environment friendly

2. 97% pure tungsten, high-density( 18g/cm³)

3. Different shapes and colors for choice

4. Smooth surface and inner core,no need of insert tube

5. Strong paint can last long and resist chipping


Logo and Size is Very Clear and Resistance

Small Quantity also can customized

Bright and Colorful, NO-CHIP Black also

We can make normal up 10 color and also can cusotmized what color you want 

More Fishing Baits

Types of Materical is Available 

Hand Make

Fly Fishing Flies

Customized Type and Color
Hook Type also as you want

See More
3D print

Swim Bait

Sample Processing, Graphic Processing, Customized on Demand

See More

Soft Bait

Customized Type and Color
Single or Double Color

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Sample Accept

Buzz Bait

Diferen Color and Weights You Can Choose.
Sample Free, Graphic Processing, Customized on Demand

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Smooth Surface

Hard Bait

Color Customized ,
Small Order Accept

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Silicon Matreical


Sample Free, Graphic Processing, Customized on Demand

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Get more

Get more

Color ( weight )

C1 Natural, C10 Black Neon, C2 Black, C3 Junebug, C32 Black Anodized, C4 Matt Black, C5 Green Pumpkin, C6 Sapphire watermelon, C7 Watermelon Seed, C8 Blood Red, C9 Watermelon Red

Weight (oz)

1 1/2oz, 1 1/4oz, 1/2oz, 1/4oz, 1/8oz, 1oz, 2 1/2oz, 2 1/4oz, 2oz, 3/16oz, 3/4oz, 3/8oz, 5/16oz, 5/8oz, 7/16oz



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