Tungsten Swing Football Jig


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Max Sensity ,Environment Friendly  

Tungsten Swing Football Jig


1. lead-free, environment friendly
2. 97% pure tungsten, high-density( 18g/cm³)
3. Different shapes and colors for choice
4. High quality sharp hooks
5. Strong paint can last long and resist chipping



Color,Hook ,Package, ...Customized

we can make the color,hook size if can,  package  customized as you want 

Customized Jig As You Want

Youcan give the drewing or idea, we can make the new type jig , just for you 

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Types of Materical is Available 

Glow in Dark, Colorful

Ice Jig

1. insert-free,lead-free, environment friendly
2. Different shapes and colors for choice
3. Smooth surface and inner core,no need of insert tube
4. Strong paint can last long and resist chipping

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Smooth Surface, Colorful

Lead Jig

1,Fast Delivery
2,Easy Customized, Mold , Color ,Package
3,Cheap Price

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High-Carbon Streel, Ready Stock

Fishing Hook

1,High-Carbon Steel , Strong and Sharp
2, Many Type Ready Stock, DElivery Soon
3,Customized Size and Type

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